About Me…

FullSizeRenderJust like many of you, I was diagnosed with Cancer. Yes, my world came to a screeching halt, until I could get my mind around what was going on!  I was diagnosed with IDC (Invasive Ductal Carcinoma).  I caught it early however, I am HER2+ and ER + as well.  I have had a lumpectomy, targeted radiation, 12 weeks of chemo and now I will remain on Herceptin for 9 months and the Dr. is suggesting the 5 year regimen.

I am not old or young, I am 46….no, this is not what I was expecting to be doing at 46, or any other time in my life for that matter.  I eat well,  I exercise, no family history and not genetically predisposed.

I am looking to just share this piece of my life, this part of my journey, in the hope I can help others bring peace to their lives post diagnosis, during the plethora of doctor appointments, through the fear and tears, during treatments or even after it is all said and done.

Cancer is different today then when I grew up……today, Cancer is NOT a Death Sentence!