The “Other Hair”, Hair Loss…Eye Lashes and Eye Brows. What can we do?


If you are one of us “lucky” recipients of Chemotherapy, then you know about the most common side effect…Hair Loss.  I remember when I was in my second opinion doctor appointment for my breast cancer diagnosis, I was first offended when the doctor looked at me and said, “Yes, you will receive 4 different medicines, 2 chemo and 2 HER2 medicines…oh, and I know, you will probably be upset about loosing your hair, most women are.” I thought to myself, you think that I am most concerned with that! In the long run, once I got myself pulled together, it was important to me, and my circumstances, to attempt to save my hair. ( I used Cold Capping to save my hair on my head, see my blog on Cold Capping) However, in the mix of it all I didn’t consider what the term “hair loss” meant in its entirety.  All hair…so, that means legs, arms, eye brows, eye lashes and everywhere (wink, wink )you have hair, is fair game.

So, not too much complaining from most people, about not needing to shave the usually places but, when the eyebrows and the eye lashes disappear…. it may become apparent, that WE, in the United States anyway, have what we consider a “normal” appearance. [History of the EyeBrow] I felt I looked like an alien.  So, what can we do about it….

I have never considered myself to be a false eye lash kind of girl but, I have come a appreciate them in this particular situation.  Now, I believe, if you can buy natural lashes and natural “glue” (True Glue is a natural eye lash adhesive company who states there are harmful chemicals in other eye lash adhesives) that it is best.  However, I haven’t tried natural adhesive yet and I will update when I do.  If all of your lashes fall out like mine did, give them a try!  They helped me feel more like me especially when going out to a gathering or important event; however, don’t be surprised if you like them so much you wear them fairly regular.  Not sure how my own lashes will grow in if I use the falsies all the time but, I am happy for now.

Now onto eyebrows…I am a basic kind of girl so I have found, especially with todays drawn on, bold eyebrows, that eyebrow pencil and/or powder works just fine for me.  There are quite a few options in the eyebrow arena.  There are falsie eyebrows, eyebrow tattooing and eyebrow microblading to name a few.  Again,  I don’t find it necessary to do anything more extreme on my eyebrows since, they will grow back, however, if that is your thing….Enjoy your new eyebrows whatever they are!

*Note – I lost my eyelashes and eyebrows completely 4 weeks after I completed Chemotherapy.  For me personally, using fake eyelashes and penciling in my eyebrows (for a couple weeks) gave me a sense of self confidence back, by looking more like me pre-chemo; it helped me stay positive through this interesting experience. *2nd Note – my eyebrows started coming back in, in a couple of weeks, dark too!


Good Luck to finding what makes you feel most like you!

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