Something’s Wrong…

So, its the Holiday Season and family will be gathering.  I had been working hard at my job and was looking forward to a slower, fun pace.  I had been experiencing some  stomach “knotting” and I had went into the doctor for some testing.  I thinking I was working too hard at work, stress and all, but wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything more; it had been going on for a few months.  Other than that, baking cookies with my kids and wrapping presents was on my mind.

(Disclaimer – I am a Christian so, some of my posts will be God related; since this is MY true experience)

I was cleaning one day, soon after the Doctor doing the tests, and I felt like God spoke to me and said simply….ITS Cancer!  Of course, I figured at this point, this is my mind wondering off and making something worse then it was. I wouldn’t get my results from my doc until the week between Christmas and New Years, so I continued on my way into the Holiday at hand.  Cookies made, presents wrapped, last minute shopping and Dinner with the family to look forward to on December 24th; I’m the cook for the family on this Holiday.

A few days before Christmas Eve, I start to get, so I think, a sinus infection. So again, the slower pace is good and I rest. Finally Christmas Eve is here, I’m feeling better but, have the residual stuffy nose…not too troublesome.  Food is now prepped and the families should all be arriving from church.  Time to get dressed….I reach up to pull down my outfit from the door hook, I get an itch on the far right side of my breast over by my underarm….a lump…. “Honey”, I said, “Can you come here a minute?” My husband comes in, feels the lump and knowing I had been sick earlier in the week says, ” Its probably just swollen glands.” I don’t believe what he is saying as this was NOT my underarm, this was fully on the side of my breast. [ side note – God works in mysterious way – how many of us EVER have an itch on their breast!] However, I continue on my way, into the Dinner and Christmas.  I part of me wondering if this will be my last Christmas, (with the God talking to me, and the Doctor tests, and now a lump) so I take note of every moment!

With Christmas over, I now need to find out the results of my tests.  Nothing.  Whew! What a  relief.  Had a complete scan of my lower half, so I am relieved!  But the lump is still there…I tell myself, I will go to the Gynecologist after the first of the year if it doesn’t just go away. No Luck. I go in, she sends me for tests. The lab fits me into the next day, since I was supposed to leave on a business trip the beginning of the following week. They perform both the mammogram and ultrasound…just get it done!

Well, as soon as the image on the ultra sound came up, I knew, it didn’t look right. They decide on the biopsy right then, again to help me get my results before travel.  I wait a day….Results come in….Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC)…




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